Faculty Newsletter


The health and safety of all staff and families is the UFT’s first priority. Given that, we have worked with the DOE to make changes to the parent-teacher conferences during the month of March.

The conferences for middle school and District 75 on March 11 and 12 and the high school parent-teacher conferences on March 19-20 will still take place, but parents will NOT attend in person. Conferences will be held by phone or by computer instead.

  • Teachers can decide whether to use phones and computers in the school, or to use their own personal cell phones or computer technology.
  • If using their personal cell phones or computers, teachers can choose where to make the calls from: in school, at home or any other appropriate location.
  • If a teacher makes calls from home, their principal can ask the teacher to submit a log of the calls that were made.
  • If teachers do not wish to use their personal cell phones or computers, they can use available technology in the school building.
  • If parents are unable to speak with their child’s teacher via phone or computer, they can schedule a time to meet with the teacher during Parent Engagement or Other Professional Work time during the month of March.
  • As usual, teachers can use Parent Engagement time going forward as well.
  • If a chapter leader and a principal decide that it is necessary to postpone their school’s conference dates, they can do so by mutual agreement, with approval from the superintendent.

If you have questions , please call the UFT at 212-331-6311.