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Principal's Message


Dear Scholars,


I pray that you are well, safe, and ready to begin another school year. I pray that this will be your most active and successful school-year. I pray that you continue on the road to success, happiness, and discovery. For some, I pray that you discover your self-worth.


At Boys and Girls High School, our mission is to help to prepare you for life after high school. Because there are many roads one may take, you will have to make the choice. Do you choose roads that lead to success, or do you choose roads that lead to failure. Contrary to what some may have told you, failure is an option – one that I hope you do not choose.


Where do you fit? When you develop your ability to think, you improve the quality of the choices you make. Your choices impact your quality of life. I hope you choose peace over violence; hard work over procrastination; love over hate; maturity over immaturity; scholarship over ignorance; success over failure.


There are no limits on your ability to achieve except for those you place on yourself. I believe in you. However, it is more important that you believe in yourself. Stay strong!




Grecian Harrison-Walker


Grecian Harrison-Walker