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Q? If students do fail courses, can they still take the Regents exam in those subject areas?
A.Yes. However, passing the Regents exam does not guarantee that the student will pass the course.

Q? How can you keep track of your child’s progress?
A. You can sign-up for Pupil Path. Contact Ms. Gaston, our Parent Coordinator for additional information.

Q? Does attendance affect course grades?
A.Yes, students will be expected to achieve and maintain a daily attendance rate of 92% or better throughout the year.

Q? How many Regents exams are needed to graduate?
A.Students must pass 5 Regents in specific areas, for a Regent diploma. If student are interested in obtaining an Advance Regent Diploma they must pass 9 Regents in specific areas.

Q? What is the role of the guidance counselor?
A. Guidance counselors help navigate students through high school by offering a wide variety of counseling and support systems for academic, social, and emotional needs. They are also responsible for scheduling courses on student program cards for day school, Extended Day (ex. Saturday, iCourse) and Summer School. Finally, they guide students through the college and career preparation process. Parents should maintain on-going communications with guidance counselors throughout the school year and during Parent-Teacher Conferences each term. Guidance counselors are identified on program cards and report cards.

Q? How is high school different from elementary and middle school?
A. High school courses are different from elementary and junior high school classes because students earn credit for each passed course.

Q? How many credits are earned for each course?
A. A student typically receives one credit per term per passed course.

Q? What is the minimum passing grade for a course?
A. 65%. Remember, higher grades can lead to more options for college admissions, scholarships, and future employment. Students should attempt to achieve the highest grades possible.

Q? How many credits do students need to be promoted to the next grade level?
A. Students need the following number of credits to be promoted to:
10th grade: 11 credits (completion of 11 credits is highly recommended to ensure timely graduation)
11th grade: 22 credits (including 4 in English and/or ESL and 4 in Social Studies)
12th grade: 33 credits

Q? How many credits do students need to graduate?
A. All students will need 44+ credits in required subject areas (CTE and IEP diplomas differ).

Q? Are there specific courses high school students need to take each year?
A. Yes. See Credit awarded page, it explains which courses are needed for graduation.

Q? Is Physical Education (PE) a required course?
A. Yes. Students must accumulate 4 credits by passing PE during 7 terms. A passing grade in PE is awarded approximately .58 credits (7 PE courses X .58 credits = 4.06 credits).