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Counseling in Schools

Our Vision

We envision a New York City where children grow up in thriving neighborhoods, and 
all individuals and families can build on their strengths to realize their fullest potential.


Our Mission

Counseling in Schools goes where children, youth, and families face the greatest 
challenges and builds on their strengths to help them gain skills for success. We provide 
quality, effective services that deepen connections between family members, within schools, and among neighbors. We work closely with community leaders to advocate, both locally and nationally, on behalf of our participants to make New York City a better place to live and work.

Counseling in Schools leads in the development of innovative programs that make 
a difference in the lives of children, youth and families today.


Services We Offer at Boys and Girls High School 

Each student is assigned to a Success Coach that will support them and their families through all aspects of their school experience. A Mental Health Counselor is on site to provide therapeutic counseling to students and additional support for families. The After School program provides students additional academic and social support. We offer:

* Individual and Group Counseling

* Academic Support

* College and Career Prep

* Family Support

* Crisis Intervention

* Mental Health Counseling

* Advocacy

* Special Events

* Referrals

The After School Program 

The Counseling in Schools After School Program meets Mondays from 2:30 - 5:30 pm and Tues– Friday from 3-6 pm. The After School Program provides each student with:

* Daily Tutoring

* Enrichment Activities such as, photography, video production, dance, music production, art, sports, etc.

* Educational workshops

* College and Career Prep Workshops

* Field trips

* College trips

* Supportive Counseling

* Family Events

* Special Holiday Events

* Annual Field Day