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In-School Guest Wi-Fi Network

The DOE has enabled a guest Wi-Fi network in all school buildings for non-DOE devices.

Non-DOE devices should connect using the following credentials:

SSID / Network

WPA2 / Password



Centrally-loaned DOE iPads

The DOE has enabled a new wireless network ID in all school buildings (nycdoeMobile). All Centrally-loaned DOE iPads will automatically connect to the “nycdoeMobile” Wi-Fi network when being used inside a DOE school building. This means that:
  • No additional setup is required for the DOE iPads to connect to the new wireless network; the DOE has configured every Centrally-loaned iPad to connect automatically.
  • All other devices should connect to your school’s existing Wi-Fi network.
    If a Centrally-loaned iPad does not automatically connect to the new wireless network, you should submit a Help Desk ticket for additional support. Please have the device serial number handy.