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Here's some info on what School Counselors do:

New York City Public School Counselors are professional educators certified by New York State Department of Education and licensed by New York City Department of Education. School Counselors are trained to service the entire K to 12 school communities including students, families, staff and school leadership. School Counselors work with school administrators in advocating for programs and services that positively impact student academic success in alignment with New York State Learning Standards, social-emotional development and higher education and career readiness. The framework for the delivery of school counseling practices and services are guided by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) and the New York State (NYSSCA) Comprehensive Counseling Models, and the American School Counselor Association’s Ethical Standards.
Meet Our School Counselors:
JeannelleLouis's Profile Photo

Ms. Jeannelle Louis - School Counselor
Cohort 1 - Class of 2025
Cohort 2 - Class of 2026
(718) 467-1700 ext. 4700
DamaliJimenez Ozoria's Profile Photo

Ms. Damali Jimenez Ozoria - School Counselor
Cohort Z - Class of 2024
Cohort 3 - Class of 2027
(718) 467 - 1700 ext. 4011