#ImConnected Challenge Proposal - Brooklyn North Event - Thursday, March 18 2021 - 3:00 PM

Greetings Students,

Please save the date, Thursday, 3/18/21, as we are inviting student council leaders, students with big ideas, student creatives, students with something to say, and students who either have the capacity to inspire or will benefit from the inspiration from others.

Thursday, 3/18/21, we are inviting the students from all over Brooklyn North to come together in a creative space to share, connect, have some joy, and build community.  Student engagement and the relationships they have with one another, caring adults, and their surrounding environment all converge to have an impact on academic and personal outcomes - that has long been known.

We have launched the IM Connected Campaign to raise awareness about the importance of student life and the value of connection and how it brings joy to learning.  We want to support a space for student exchange and collaborative sharing.  

All students, please come hear about what's happening across student spaces in Brooklyn North. There are opportunities for students to win $$$ awards for their service project proposals and more.

We will be joined by Student Voice (Central), our CBO partner Inspiring Minds, the BCO, and our student leaders.  Music, ideas, fun, connection - Let's Go

 Link:  HTTPS://ZOOM.US/J/9460236400 

For those who may be interested in the #ImConnected Challenge proposal: 



IM Connected Challenge Proposal



im connected the north is coming


Let's Get Connected


Terrence M. Paulin

Superintendent Borough Office Liaison

Office of School Support and Supervision

Superintendent Janice Ross

Districts 13,14,15,16,19,23,32

1396  Broadway

Brooklyn, New York 11221